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What halogen has an atomic number of 9?
What location on a phase diagram represents the transition from liquid to solid?
Yeast, mold, and mushrooms belong to which kingdom of organisms?
What part of a light bulb emits light after being heated?
What diagram displays the feeding connections between many organisms in an ecosystem?
The leaves of what species of plants are called fronds?
What medical condition is characterized by damage to skin and tissue due to extreme cold?
What is the surname of the Italian-American who won the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics?
What term loosely refers to the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population?
Toward what point are light rays made to converge?
What leg bone is the largest bone in the human body?
What force always acts against the motion of an object?
On what temperature scale does water boil at 212 degrees?
What term, from Latin for 'little torch', refers to a bright spot, often with reference to the sun?
What quantity is the inverse of period?
What pair of entities connect the uterus to the ovaries of mammalian females?
What entity is measured in Newtons?
Along what lines are many earthquakes begun?
What term refers to the preserved remains and traces of organisms from the past?
The nuclear type of what process powers active stars and the hydrogen bomb?

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