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Can you name the Fictional Primates (not including humans)?

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Tarzan's adoptive father, killed by ClaytonGorilla
World created by Pierre Boulle, made into several namesake moviesMultiple Species
Disney's 'King of the Swingers' who 'Wants to be Like You'Orangutan
Doctor Doolitle's primate companionOrangutan
Either of a pair of sign language speaking monkeys from 'Madagascar'Chimpanzee
NYC TerrorizerGorilla
iPhone monkey from the game [Name] Jungle FireNo Species Stated
Prince Ali Ababwa's street-rat petNo Species Stated
Monkey whose brain fluid is essential to save Artemis Fowl's mother in 'The Time Paradox'Silky Sifaka Lemur
From 'Sonic the Hedgehog'Monkey Robot
Arthur's tomboy friend; Muffy's best friendNo Species Stated
DK, Mario's muscle-pounding co-characterGorilla
Wicked Witch of the West's monkey henchmen[namesake]
Evolutionist-named monkey from 'The Wild Thornberrys'Chimpanzee
Best friend to the Man in the Yellow HatNo Species Stated
Scary demon who demonizes Chris GriffinNo Species Stated
Tarzan's best monkey friend from 'Tarzan'Gorilla
PowerPuff Girl's arch-nemesisChimpanzee
Staff-carrying wise-cracking Lion King presenterMandrill (or Babboon)
Superman's petNo Species Stated
Accompanies Map, Backpack, and 'Vamanos, lets go'No Species Stated
Any of several primates from the Pokemon universePokemon

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