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What type of proteins catalyze chemical reactions?
The transformation of a liquid into a gas is know by what term?
Le Chatelier's principle states that a chemical system in what state will counteract a change in it?
The obscuring of an astronomical object is known by what term?
The magnetic field of what type of object is produced by an electric current?
At what speed is the sum of the kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy equal to zero?
Which inherent property is sometimes referred to as 'stretchiness'?
By what process is direct current used to drive a non-spontaneous chemical reaction?
What alkene is comprised of two Carbons and six Hydrogens?
What is the surname of the scientist who developed the Theory of Relativity?
A fertilized egg cell is referred to by what term until it is referred to as a fetus?
The theory of what phenomenon was outlined in Charles Darwin's 1859 book 'On the Origin of Species'?
What term is used to describe an organism that has ended altogether?
What did Dmitri Mendeleev place on his Periodic Table?
Joules, kilowatt-hours, and kilocalories are units of what phenomenon?
What is the term for an environment including all of the organisms and abiotic components of an area?
What geometric term describes the shape of the orbits of the planets?
What large mammals belong to the only extant family of the order Proboscidea?
What is the scientific term for an animal's shell?
What quantity is loosely associated with the amount of chaos in a thermodynamic system?

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