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What type of matter neither emits nor scatters light or other electromagnetic radiation?
The stomach, colon, small intenstine, and appendix are all part of what human body system?
What is the physics term for the separation of positive and negative charges, as in a magnet?
What group of flowering plants typically has two embryonic leaves?
What term is the opposite of nocturnal?
What element on the Periodic Table has a symbol 'Db'?
What superorder of reptiles is from the Latin for 'Terrible Lizard'
What is the surname of the scientist who proposed the theory of natural selection?
What process removes waste and excess water from the blood?
What phenomenon is described as the apparent bending of waves around small obstacles?
What is the surname of the scientist credited with proposing the law of partial pressures?
What is the logarithmic unit often used to measure acoustics and electronics?
What is calculated by dividing mass by volume?
Osmosis is a type of what random motion of particles from higher to lower concentrations?
What mineral, composed of calcium magnesium carbonate, makes up part of the Alps in north-eastern Italy?
'Double Helix' is used to describe the shape of what genetic acid?
What invention was patented by Alfred Nobel in 1867?
What Greek letter is used to denote change?
What term refers to the change in frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the wave's source?
What force resists the motion of an object through a fluid?

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