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What plasma 'atmosphere' of the Sun can be seen (with great risk) during a total solar eclipse?
What is a single piece of coiled DNA called, of which humans have forty-six?
What is the maximum mass of a stable white dwarf star?
What class of mollusks include octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish?
Hale-Bopp, 103P/Hartley, and Halley's are examples of what solar body?
Also a unit for radioactivity, what is the surname of radiology pioneers Marie and Pierre?
What is the term for the concerted, collective movement of groups of molecules in a fluid?
What is the name for a reagent that speeds up a reaction but is not consumed by the reaction?
To which temperature scale is 273.15 added to determine Kelvin temperature?
What type of chemical reaction will always produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy?
What organic compound is the structural component of a green plant's cell wall
What is the term for sequences of 3 nucleotides that specify a particular amino acid?
What are the smallest blood vessels in the body?
What kind of clouds are characterized by thin, wispy strands?
What is the unit for electric charge?
What constellation is translated as 'the swan'?
What is the outermost solid shell of a rocky planet?
What is the seventeenth element on the Periodic Table?
What is the term for the flow of electric charge through a medium?
What group of diseases are known medically as 'malignant neoplasm'

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