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Can you name the country based on its leader, past or present?

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Saddam Hussein al Takriti1979-2003
Nikita Khrushchev1957-1964
Barack Obama2009-present
Fidel Castro1959-2008
David Ben Gurion1948-1953
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2005-present
Kim il-Sung1972-1994
Wolfgang Schüssel2000-2007
Anwar as-Sadat1970-1981
Karolos Papoulias2005-present
Adolf Hitler1934-1945
Pietro Badoglio1943-1944
Hugo Chávez Frías1999-present
Ho Chi Minh1945-1969
Hu Jintao2003-present
Henri IV1589-1610
Lech Kaczyński2005-2010
Francisco Franco y Bahamonde1936-1975
William I the Conqueror1066-1087
Benedictus XVI2005-present
Antonio López de Santa Anna1833-1837
Tarja Halonen2003-present
Leonel Fernández Reyna1996-2000 & 2004-present
Nelson Mandela1994-1999

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