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Can you name the things containing the word 'chocolate' in their name?

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Small, teardrop shaped bits of chocolate loved in cookies
A long, thin, chocolate flavored pastry made with choux dough, filled with cream and topped with icing
A sliding cell phone-MP3 hybrid released by Verizon Wireles in 2006 that can be 'Mint', 'Strawberry', 'White', or 'Cherry' depending on its color
A marketing term used to describe desserts featuring chocolate as the main ingredient; also a 2001 album by De Phazz
Don't eat this stuff if you find it around Santa's workshop!
'Chocolate' in Spanish (article required)
October 28th (in the United States)
Nesquik or Ovaltine, for example
Brown-colored version of the most popular dog (by registered ownership) in the world
Life is like a ___________
A series of large earth mounds in Bohol, Philippines named as so due to their resemblance to Chocolate Kisses
They are packaged with collectible Wizard Cards and may, occassionally, hop away
A steaming concoction of shaved chocolate, cocoa powder, water, and sugar
A waterfall-like fondue server
RGB Code (123,63,0)
Self-imposed nickname of ex-NBA player Darryl Dawkins
Roald Dahl favorite remade in two movies, starring Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp respectively
Nickname of Hershey, Pennsylvania
An Oscar Strouss operetta, a 1941 Nelson Eddy movie, or a derogatory term of a member of the Australian Army Reserve
Vodka + Cocoa = mmmmm

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