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What Solar System bodies could one encounter in the 'Belt' between Mars and Jupiter?
Whose constant is used to define a mole at 6.022 x 1023 particles?
What is the surname of the French physicist after whom the SI unit for electric current is named?
What is the thirteenth element on the Periodic Table of Elements?
What is the unit for one ten-billionth of a meter?
What is the layer of gases surrounding a massive body called?
What animal phylum encompasses crustaceans, arachnids, and insects?
What is the term for a hole through which light is able to travel?
What light results from the collission of energetic particles with atoms in the thermosphere?
What genus of Protozoa is characterized by a single large pseudopod?
What is the time-derivative of velocity?
The positron is an example of what, having the same mass but opposite electric charge as an electron?
What eye defect in which the eye's curvature is irregular can result in blurred vision?
What type of respiration is used primarily by prokaryotes in areas devoid of oxygen?
What is the term for a subtance used to kill or slow the growth of bacteria?
At what theoretical temperature is entropy at its minimum value?
What is calculated by finding the distance between the extrema of a wave?
Which Greek scientist has a namesake Screw, Claw, and Heat Ray?
What kind of hydrocarbon has at least one carbon-carbon double bond?
What mineral is used to define 5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale?

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