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Can you name the two word terms whose initials are 'RS'?

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Clue'RS' Thing
Organs in this group include the ovaries in females and the testicles in males
For a Shakespearean Sonnet, its ABABCDCDEFEFGG
'Survivor', 'Jersey Shore', or 'American Chopper', i.e.
You're off to the races before your opponent, as an agreed-upon advantage
Skin color-based derrogatory language
Hotel food delivered right to your suite
Resultant noise from hitting the edge and the head of a snare drum
X-Games gold medalist (Bronze in 2011) skateboarder
Japan: Land of the ______ ___
Mick Jagger, Kwith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts
Heisman Trophy winner at Navy and Hall of Famer with the Dallas Cowboys
'Daily Prophet' gossip-spreader of the Harry Potter universe
This biological phenomenon produces organisms nearly identical across a bodily plane
Hall of Fame second baseman for the Chicago Cubs
'E! News' and 'American Idol' host
Duck season!
Camisa roja, or a player who retains eligibility for the year by not playing
They give you information while you're driving, like 'STOP' or 'ONE WAY'
Tenants of Fenway Park
Alma Mater of many Jewish clergy

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