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Can you name the two word terms whose initials are 'RS'?

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Clue'RS' Thing
Hall of Fame second baseman for the Chicago Cubs
'Survivor', 'Jersey Shore', or 'American Chopper', i.e.
They give you information while you're driving, like 'STOP' or 'ONE WAY'
X-Games gold medalist (Bronze in 2011) skateboarder
You're off to the races before your opponent, as an agreed-upon advantage
'E! News' and 'American Idol' host
Camisa roja, or a player who retains eligibility for the year by not playing
Skin color-based derrogatory language
Hotel food delivered right to your suite
Tenants of Fenway Park
This biological phenomenon produces organisms nearly identical across a bodily plane
Alma Mater of many Jewish clergy
'Daily Prophet' gossip-spreader of the Harry Potter universe
Japan: Land of the ______ ___
Heisman Trophy winner at Navy and Hall of Famer with the Dallas Cowboys
Duck season!
Resultant noise from hitting the edge and the head of a snare drum
Organs in this group include the ovaries in females and the testicles in males
Mick Jagger, Kwith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts
For a Shakespearean Sonnet, its ABABCDCDEFEFGG

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