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What does the 'K' stand for in AK-47 ?
Which Bosnian city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
Where would you find 'Moai'?
France and Belgium occupied which German industrial area in 1923
Which country would you find the biggest statue of Jesus in the world?
How many stripes does the American flag hold?
The novel, 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown, is based upon the works of which controversial secret society?
What was the previous name for the Turkish city 'Istanbul'?
Which dictator established 'The Third Reich' ?
Where would you find the world's biggest swimming pool?
Which country would you find the 'Nazca Lines' ?
What year did revolutionary figure Che Guevara die?
Which country was formerly known as 'The Empire of the Rising Sun'
In which Chinese province would you find Lhasa?
What is the chemical symbol for 'Titanium' ?
Which country would you find 'Transylvania' ?
How many american states begin with 'T' ?
What is the common nickname for the middle eastern desert; Rub' Al Khali Desert?
Which historical figure established the first Persian Empire?
What can you 'serve' that you can't eat?
Which city did 'Solomon's Temple' lie in?

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