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Can you name the video games by fictional companies or organisations?

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Ammu-NationMunitions Retailer
Umbrella CorporationPharmaceutical
ShadalooCrime Syndicate
GadgetronMunitions and Technology
Ultratech Cybernetics
Shinra Electric Power CompanyElectricity Generation
Silph Co.Technology
Aperture ScienceResearch and Development
Liandri Mining CorporationMining
ArmsTech IndustriesWeapons Manufacture and Development
Ultor CorporationConglomerate
Stan's Previous-Owned CoffinsSecond-Hand Marine Transportation
The Sons of KorhalRebel Faction
Brotherhood of SteelTechno-Religious Cult
Mishima Zaibatsu CorporationFinance
Funky's FlightsAviation
Black Mesa Research FacilityResearch and Development
Wang CarsAutobmobile Dealership
Union Aerospace CorporationMilitary Research
Koopa TroopasArmed Forces
YevonReligious Cult
The Brotherhood of NodTerrorist Group/Religious Cult
Wayne EnterprisesConglomerate
The Silver HandOrder of Paladins
Praying Mantis PMCPrivate Military Company
Church of UnitologyReligious Cult
Task Force 141Special Operations Task Force
Abstergo IndustriesConglomerate
Sinclair SolutionsBiotechnology
Dutch's GangCriminal Gang
ORION ProjectSpecial Operations Task Force
Organization XIIIOther
Blood Ravens ChapterSpace Marine Chapter
The Order of the HammerTechno-Religious Cult
Black Dragon ClanCrime Syndicate
Raynor's RaidersRebel Faction
Los IlluminadosReligious Cult
Belmont ClanFamily of Vampire Slayers
The Black Hole ArmyArmed Forces
United Nations Anti-Terrorist CoalitionAnti-Terrorist Task Force
Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED)Holding Corporation

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