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Character InfoCharacter Name
Top soldier of Barksdale Orginzation; goes to jail for multiples murders; son becomes dealer; loves his fish tank
White councilman who eventually becomes Mayor
Black Mayor who get beaten in re-election; caught getting a BJ in his office
Head soldier of Stanfield org who commits many murders and hides bodies in empty rowhouses; is eventually arrested
Nephew of dock union head who helps smuggle items which eventually leads to drug smuggling; has a girlfriend and kid
Female State Attorney; has affair with 2 cops
White lawyer who represents most criminals
Corner boy; loves the ladies; kills friend in season one
Female cop at the docks; works cases of 12 dead women; single mother who starts relationship with another cop
Black Politician known for saying 'shhiiiiitttt'
Leader of Stanfield crew; feuds with several rivals; gets robbed at Poker game & swears revenge
White supervisor of homicide division; extremely fat & always reads porno mags
Young corner boy with bad mouth; kills major criminal in store
Polish American Head of Dock workers union; smuggles items to help raise money to promote dock; is going to snitch but gets killed and dumped in water
Smart student from poor family; eventually turns to drugs
Blind black man who holds money for criminals; is tortured and killed but does not rat
Black cop who works street for years including 'Hamsterdam'; matures & helps kids
Corner boy who starts using drugs; moves to the country then gets killed by friends for snitching
Black detective who scales the ranks despite questionable past; gets divorced but keeps it private to help wife's political career
Nephew of drug kingping; is involved in dog fighting; betrays uncle and is eventually killed
#2 of smuggling operation at the docks; often holds meetings at diner; major drug supplier for Co-op
Drug dealer of Stanfield crew who does the large buys for Co-op & is eventually arrested; notices camera that police planted
White detective gets kicked out of force; teaches elementary school
Student who starts dealing & works his way up in Stanfield crew; when betrayed he breaks off on his own as a stick up boy; has his mothers boyfriend killed
Student known for selling junk food; gets labeled a snitch and sent to halfway house
Character InfoCharacter Name
Ukranian not Russian truck driver for smuggling;kills people & leaves no face or finerprints; approached while in jail to arrange drug deals
#2 in drug Barksdale Organization; strong business mind as seen in side businesses and college classes
Son of dock head; helps smuggle but is a clown; bring duck to a bar; kills a man in store and breaks down before being arrested
Druge Kingpin who runs the Organization; goes to jail several times
High ranking white detective; constanly feuds w/ other cops; possible homosexual
Lesbian detective who gets shot while undercover
Drug Kingpin of Eastside; runs pawn shop where he fixes items; very fat
Black homicide detective; drinks, has affiars & always smokes cigar; played lacrosse
Older black detective known for intellectual apporach; whittles small furniture on the side
Hitman from New York; despite nerdy appearance is ruthless; gets shot but does not die
Old Polish American Police Captain;son-in-law fired from force; fights for stain glass window in church
Dealer w/ violent temper known for spitting & wearing untied do-rag; eventaully killed while defending his corner
Older Black cop who creates 'Hamsterdam'; leaves force and works security at hotel but then works in special school program; brings a corner boy into house
Female soldier of Stanfield org who commits rowhouse murders; is eventually killed in a car
Drug soldier who gets released from prison; runs boxing gym for kids
Renowned stick up man who constantly robs drug dealers; although homosexual everyone is scared of him
White Detective known for drinking, having affairs & aggresive attitude
Nephew of Barksdale Organization leader; killed in jail in fake suicide
Tall black drug soldier originally with Barksdale org; when given chance to be a leader in Co-op says he isn't meant for that; nearly killed
Black deputy Commish who becomes commishioner; believes in chain of command
Head of smuggling operation who keeps his identity hidden; despite his nickname he is not actually of that descent
Young black cop who constantly works undercover; when unit shutdown investigates political corruption
Big white cop who works main case, catches mayor getting BJ; eventually fired & works for lawyer
Crack addict informant; creative schemes to score drugs; fights to get clean in sisters basement
Student who is son of former Barksdale soldier who starts to sell drugs; stops dealing & moves in with former cop

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