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War serving as catalyst for the Revolution of 1905
Famous Imam captured by Russian troops for support of Caucasian resistance
Pretender claims legitimacy and gains serfs support in 1773
Established in 1721 to replace the leadership of the Orthodox Church
Influential Empress with upwards of 25 lovers
The war in which Russia lost at least 750,000 men and it's right to a base navy in the Black Sea
Document representing Tsar's attempt at compromise severely backfires on him in 1905
Estate system established by Peter the Great; classified all Russians in 5 categories
Location of Japanese attack on unprepared Russian fleet in 1904
Torrid relationship with father, but respect for grandmother led this emperor to be called the Russian Thomas Jefferson
Year that the Serfs were emancipated
Movement among the youth of Russia espousing rejection of traditional lifestyle and leisure (mispronounced in Big Lebowski)
Emperor born in 1672, who declared Russia an Empire
Biggest Rival of Russian Imperialism in 18th C.
Murders of Imperial Family in 1917

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