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HintLiterary Term
I have a MILLION tests tomorrow.
Mr. Mulhall marks my miserable paper.
Saturday Night Live
Mr. Mulhall against my paper.
Wow! Your paper was awful!
Mr. Mulhall is like a unicorn.
because Mr. Mulhall is a genius, because Mr. Mulhall is a hard grader...
Mr. Mulhall refers to Heart of Darkness when talking about A Rose for Emily.
Mr. Mulhall says Tess has an individual one of these.
Mr. Mulhall's grading is the crystal ball of our future.
HintLiterary Term
When I find out my essay grade it is a _______, because we are all going to die.
When I saw Mr. Mulhall's high school picture in the yearbook, it was a _________ to the years he was a teenager.
Mr. Mulhall wears sweaters, has a jolly smile, and starts my day with intellectual thought and stimulating literary themes.
Sadness and Melancholy
Mr. Mulhall's ________ is Anderson Varejao.
Mr. Mulhall getting hit by a falling literature book.
'The _______ of our english class is literature, composition, and failure.
a story we've read where Hemingway made us feel stupid- just like Mr. Mulhall does every day. What point of view?
Tess and Andrew Sabol fighting every day
Andrew Sabol always forgetting what he is talking about.

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