What Sweeney Todd character says this?

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LineCharacter Name
Life will just pass you right by....
There have been things I've been thinking, about Mr. Todd
You don't remember me do you? Well why should you....
You heard what he said, next time it'll be your pretty little brains, all over the pavement.
He? Judge Turpin?
Tell me where you took her or I swear I'll...
Oh, this is very romantic...
I've never had dreams. Only nightmares...
LineCharacter Name
She's the devil's wife! Oh beware sir, she with no pity in her heart
You're in a merry mood today Mr. Todd
Forget my face...
Oh, look at that, you wouldn't mind if I gave ye a nice juicy pie would you?
To tell the truth...It gets awful hot
So's we got a deal? Or should I run for me old pal Beadle Bamford?
Well if he didn't do it, he's surely done something to warrant the hanging.

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