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A sore in the skin over a bony area
Open sore or lesion of the skin
Small elevation of the skin filled with pus; also known as a small abscess
Typical lesion caused by accumulation of keratin & sebum within opening of hair follicle
Circumscribed inflammation of skin & deeper tissues containing pus
Localized pus-producing infection deep in hair follicle; also known as a boil
Small, stalk-like growth
Small, solid, circumscribed elevation of skin
Crack-like sore or groove
Closed sac or pouch containing fluid, semifluid, or solid material
Small thin-walled skin lesion containing clear fluid; a vesicle
Circumscribed, slightly elevated lesions of skin that are paler in the center; also known as a wheal
Thin flakes of hardened epithelium that are shed from epidermis
Localized collection of pus, also known as a pustule
Small, thin-walled skin lesion containing fluid; also known as a blister
Circumscribed, slightly elevated lesion of skin that is paler in center; also known as a hive
Tear in the skin
A scrape or rubbing away of skin
Small, flat discoloration of the skin
Large blister
Small swelling protruding above the skin; a small node

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