Pathological Conditions of the Skin

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Degree of burn producing redness, swelling, and pain
Causes vascular, malignant lesions that begin as soft purple-brown nodules or plaques
Visual accumulation of melanocytes; also called a Mole
Malignancy of the squamous cells of the epithelial tissue
Malignant skin tumor originating from melanocytes in preexisting nevi, freckles, or skin with pigment
Common inflammatory disorder seen on the face, chest, back and neck; commonly known as Acne
Degree of burn causing tissue damage, as well as charred, brown/black skin
Benign, circumscribed, elevated skin lesion that results from hypertrophy of the epidermis; caused by the human papilloma virus; also known as a Verruca
Acute viral infection characterized by painful vesicular eruptions of the skin; also known as Shingles
White, hard, thickened patches firmly attached to the mucous membrane in areas such as the mouth, vulva, or penis
Common thickening of the epidermis at sites of external pressure or friction
Fungal infection of the nails
Brown or waxy yellow wartlike lesions; also known as Senile Warts
Common, noninfectious disorder of the skin manifested by silvery-white scales covering round, raised plaques
Inflammation of the skin
Acute or chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by papules, vesicles, scales, crusts, and thickening & hardening of the skin
Overgrowth of the horny layer of the epidermis
Condition of absence of pigment in skin, hair and eyes
Contagious superficial skin infection characterized by pustules/vesicles with millions of streptococcus bacteria, usually forming on the face
Highly contagious parasitic infestation caused by blood-sucking lice
Gradual thickening of the dermis and swelling of the hands and feet till the skin is anchored to the underlying tissue
Highly contagious parasitic infestation caused by the 'human itch mite'
Degree of burn exhibiting blisters, sensitivity, and pain
Ingrown nail
Most common malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue
Commonly known as ringworm

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