Eminem: Recovery Album

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Can anybody hear me? I guess I keep T****** to M*****
we touch, i feel a rush, we clutch it is'int much
b**** give me them digits , why you cringin, not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin
only thing I fear, is Hailie, im afraid if i close my eyes i might see her
you know technically im not even suppose to be here right now, so f*** it might as well make the most of it
Ain't nobody who's as good at what I do Cause one minute she loves you, the next she don't She's been stolen from you
you dream of trading places, i have been changing faces, you cannot fill these shoes, there is to much to lose
Throw dirt on me, and grow a wild flower, but its F*** the world, get a child out her
Cause when you hot its like your burnin up everyone elses cold your O* F***
You can sound the alarm you can call out your guards you can fence in your yard you can pull all the cards but i W*** B*** D***
i cant just cant keep livin this way so starting today im braking out of this cage
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, I'm as cold as the C**** W**** B****
if there aint no one but us trash you dunno, you better ask somebody cuz were having a
i dont think she understands the sacrifices that i made maybe if this b**** had acted right i would have stayed
just gunna stand there and watch me burn, well that alright because i like the way it hurts. just gunna stand there and hear me cry, well thats alright because i
I'm the American dream! I'm the definition of white trash balling, I'm right back on 'em, with the rrrchick-rrrchicka i cant call it
The days are cold livin’ without you, the nights are long im growing older i miss the days alone thinken about you you may be gone but your never older

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