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My mother is sleeping with my uncle and my dad's haunting me at night. FML
The man I love has a crazy wife that lives in the attic and tries to kill him. FML.
My friend convinced my daughter to kill her pet duck to prove she loved me. She killed herself. FML
I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for magical powers. Now he's back to collect. FML
Learning the joys of reading. My job is to set books on fire. FML.
Mother died today. I don't give a damn about life. Killed a man. Don't know why. Now in jail about to be hanged. FML.
I fell in love with a goat, My wife is pissed. FML
Upset Poseidon. Now I can't go home. But I get to be fed grapes by a hot chick. FML?
Things are crumby and people are so phony. FML.
I fell in love with an Oriental girl--who was actually a guy. FML
My husband killed our imaginary child--and we had guests over. FML.
Brought a friend over, He pissed off my uncle by sleeping with my dad's peasant girlfriend. They had a duel. FML.

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