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Who googles themself
Larry Stylinson is a mix of which 2 of the boys
How old was Niall when he stopped sleeping with a teddy bear
Who sang cry me a river for there X Factor audition
What instrument does Harry play
On what TV program did One Direction get together on?
Who does Kevin The Stuffed Pigeon belong to
Harry lives in a house with which othe member of 1D?
Who said this 'I'd date a fan as long as she didn't scream in my face.'
Which band member is left handed?
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Who, in the X Factor, Suggested that One Direction join
Liam and which other band member share the same middle name?
Who came up with the band name
What is Zayn's favourite book?
Which member of One Direction has a fear of Spoons?
What instrument does Niall play
Who said this 'I can take criticism but if it's just like I don't like you then I want to know why don't you like me?'
True of False? Zayn is an excellent swimmer.
Who has 6 tattoos

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