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Which member of One Direction has a fear of Spoons?
Which band member is left handed?
What is Zayn's favourite book?
Who googles themself
Who said this 'I can take criticism but if it's just like I don't like you then I want to know why don't you like me?'
What instrument does Niall play
Who sang cry me a river for there X Factor audition
Who does Kevin The Stuffed Pigeon belong to
Liam and which other band member share the same middle name?
Larry Stylinson is a mix of which 2 of the boys
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What instrument does Harry play
Who said this 'I'd date a fan as long as she didn't scream in my face.'
True of False? Zayn is an excellent swimmer.
Who has 6 tattoos
On what TV program did One Direction get together on?
Who, in the X Factor, Suggested that One Direction join
Harry lives in a house with which othe member of 1D?
Who came up with the band name
How old was Niall when he stopped sleeping with a teddy bear

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