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An alien woman declares herself the Queen of Blades.
The hero finds the woman he is trying to rescue only to see her get smashed by a cow.
A man falls to his death in a gigantic satellite dish.
The hero stands on a cliff overlooking his followers and holds up a hammer.
Portraits of the game characters scroll while the player shoots them
Three contestants sit atop three numbered blocks of different sizes in front of a castle.
A team of galactic heroes are awarded medals by a dog.
The hero puts an explosive substance on his fist and punches his enemy in the face.
As the protagonist heads home through outer space, his dead girlfriend attacks him from behind.
A man with a tail takes off his cloak and a queen throws her arms around him.
A would-be king sacrifices himself to defeat a huge demonic monster.
A mustached man welcomes you to his new galaxy.
A lone soldier sits in the cockpit of a spaceship and takes off his helmet.
An alien spacecraft abducts the main character and flies away.
The protagonist jumps towards the screen and holds up a finger.
A wounded soldier is carried to a helicopter after pulling a knife out of his chest.
A security system explodes after losing its balls.
Three friends chase a dog carrying a letter down a dirt path.
The hero kicks a lizard in the toe and saves his island that looks like an ape's head.
The protagonist jumps off a flying ship and gives a high five to his father.
After defeating his former master, the hero turns into a bird and flies away.
A green-skinned woman falls off the top of an oddly-shaped mountain.
The hero rides a gigantic emerald back down to Earth.
Half of a spaceship floats towards a mysterious planet.
A big relic falls and impales an alien leader.
The main character sees blood on the wall above his bed.
Fireworks explode over a town with a big clock tower in the center of it.
A celebration is held around a bonfire as seven entities fly overhead.
The protagonists escape an active volcano by helicopter after defeating a long-time enemy.
A robot made of green balls defeats his enemy at the top of a tornado.

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