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What password must you enter in the airship to get Rikku's ultimate weapon?
What question does Auron ask Sin/Jecht in the beginning of the game?
Where does Tidus wake up when he is taken to Spira by Sin?
What happens to those who are not sent to the Farplane?
What is the full name of the Blitzball team that kidnaps Yuna?
What song attracts Sin?
Images of the sent on the Farplane are made up of what?
Why does Yuna decide to marry Seymour?
What is Cid's relation to Yuna?
Who is the founder of the Crusaders?
What are the Al Bhed salvaging in the beginning of the game?
The letter O is equal to what letter in the Al Bhed language?
How many consecutive lightning bolts must you dodge in order to obtain the Venus Sigil?
What is the last thing Yuna says in her speech at the end of the game?
What item casts shell on its target?
What are the names of the sports announcers during the blitzball tournament?
How far into the future does Sin take Tidus?
Who releases the fiends into the Blitzball stadium?
What summon appears in this game that has not made an appearance since Final Fantasy IV?
What song plays during the battle with Braska's final Aeon?
Where is the female fan seated during the blitzball match in the beginning of the game?
What does Tidus teach Yuna how to do in Luca?
Where is the last save point in the game?
What is the name of the sword Wakka gives to Tidus in Besaid?
Who is randomly appointed captain of the guard?
Where are the summoners kept in the Al Bhed Home?
How many times do you fight Seymour?
What color are Yuna's eyes?
What shot did Jecht show to Yuna when she was a child?
What must one complete before entering the chamber of the fayth?
What do you have to give Yojimbo in order for him to attack?
What is the name of the dragon that guards Bevelle?
What is the name of Anima's overdrive?
Who was the first summoner to defeat sin?
The Fayth that Tidus keeps seeing throughout the game belongs to what Aeon?
What previous summoner did Lulu and Wakka guard?
What is the name of the dungeon that Yuna and her guardians are thrown into in Bevelle?
What is in the suitcase that Yuna tries to bring on the pilgrimage?
Who thought the shoopuff was a fiend and subsequently attacked it, leaving a scar?
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