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Can you name the things about Final Fantasy IX?

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Forced Order
How do you kill Soulcage in one turn?
What is Mog's true identity?
How many Pluto Knights (including Steiner) are there?
What does Kuja use to possess eidolons?
What is the name of Ipsen's traveling companion?
What spell casts dark magic on everyone on the battlefield?
What does Kuja send you to retrieve at Oeilvert?
What summon does a Ruby provide?
What do you give a chocobo if you want him to dig/dive?
Who am I (gwok)?
What is Vivi's grandpa's name?
What is Steiner's first name?
What does ATE stand for?
What is the name of the theme song (played during the end credits)?
What two previous Final Fantasy protagonists are referenced in the last scene?
What is the name of the female bounty hunter you fight in the excavation site?
What is another name for the Iifa Tree?
How old is Eiko?
Ironically, what does Dagger ask Zidane to do in the beginning of the game on the theater ship?
How does Steiner smuggle Princess Garnet through South Gate?
What unique physical feature do summoners have that normal humans do not?
Black mages don't die. They...
What is the only memory that Zidane has about his birthplace?
What does Necron have to do with the rest of the story?
How fast must you reach the exclamation mark in 'The Room of Emptiness' in order to get Excalibur II?
What play does Tantalus perform in the beginning of the game?
What crime does Cid commit to deserve his curse?
What is Zidane's nickname for Steiner?
What eidolon does Brahne attack Lindblum with?
What are the people of Terra referred to as?
What play does Tantalus perform in the end of the game?
Who is the prince of Burmecia?
Who tries to kidnap Eiko in Treno?
Who wrote 'I Want to be Your Canary'?
What item is used to cure Blank's condition?
What does Dagger lose after the attack on Alexandria?
What is the name of Beatrix's sword?
What spell does Trance Kuja use when you defeat him?
What is the driving force behind mankind's fighting instinct?
What protects the city of Cleyra?

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