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There is a reference to what Final Fantasy character in the Lindblum weapon shop?
What is Dagger's birth name?
Who poses as a Pluto Knight to hinder Steiner's pursuit of Zidane?
What is the name of the last 'friendly enemy', found on Bile Island?
What is the MP cost of Phoenix?
What is the name of the first ATE event?
'It's not what the people say afterward... What's important is being true to oneself.' Who says this?
The first boss of the series returns in this game. Which boss is it?
Where can the moogle Kuppo be found?
What is Vivi's last name?
Who is the musical composer for this game (first and last name)?
How many Tetra Master ranks are there?
How many people must Eiko cook for in Madain Sari?
What is found in the fountain near the entrance to Treno?
'I'm in trouble... I used too much' What item is this referring to?

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