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Backwards PlotMovie
an obsolete robot that loses his feelings for an upgraded robot, and ends up scraping for random items.
a man runs away from zombies and ends up in the hospital with a coma.
a girl who decides to not go to France, which leaves her father at peace.
a man who no longer becomes a pastor, and doesn’t believe Aliens exist.
a blood donor with really strange methods who decides to return to his homeland Transylvania after saving people in England.
some guy that releases a sorcerer from an oil lamp, locks up a princess, throws a genie and a carpet into a cave then runs off with a monkey.
A guy in tights goes around collecting taxes from the poor Saxons on behalf of the rich Norman land owners while falling out of love with and eventually dumping a posh bird.
This is just a movie about some ordinary guys life who grows old and dies
Backwards PlotMovie
A shark throws up people so the community decides to open up a beach
a midgit gets a ring from a volcano, and spends nine hours walking home
a king progressively loses his act of speaking.
God fails to answer anyone's prayers and hands the job over to Morgan Freeman
A group of kids try to save a sorceror that can bring back the main charecter's parents
a rampaging monster who is caught by a doctor who lashes him to a metal table, subjects him to lightning strikes to kill him, and then dissects him piece by piece so that he never
a princess who gets fed up with her cheating prince leaves him and gets a job as a maid.

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