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Do you have sex or come in contact with no, if a mother is breast feeding she ca
What does AIDS stand for?(acquired ________ deficiency_______ )(write full name)
AIDS builds your immune system up. (true or false)
AIDS is: A: bacteria B: virus C: parasite
AIDS is transmitted by Brest milk, sharing needles, sexual contact: (oral, vaginal, and anal), and_____? (one word needed)
You can go 8 years without symptoms. (True or false)
What is the name of the Treatment for AIDS?
Has there been a cure for AIDS? Explain if yes.
Where is AIDS primarily found?
Prevention includes: A: Condoms(they allows work), avoid others blood B:do not have sex if you do use condoms, only share needles if you clean it well, and avoid others blood. C: D
Facts in 1995 the US AIDS was the number______ cause of death, but is now the ____write the numbers out( Ex: second and third).

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