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I think it's black and white because not much games are black and white.
Black Helicopters. Google it.
That was the baseball equivalent of running to a door, hearing a dog bark, and then running away.
Dude, Geoff looks like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Where the f*ck is Fort Ray?
Bitch, Dumster
He found my porn.
Keep up mofos!
I keep it a little bit trim but it goes down.
Plus you have that weird ass Euro haircut.
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It's like the first room all over again!
Yeah, but I can get from Kevin Bacon to Kevin Costner in like two degrees. Field of Dreams, JFK.
I bet if i put this on my dick it would make it look huge.
Are you seriously suggesting, sir, something sinister sounding, circumstantially surrounding some scissors?
Can we all wear like munge bimp jerseys around the office?
In an apocalypse, all that matters is that I survive.
Math makes my thinker box hurt.
That's not community property ****!
F*cking Looney Tunes.
You get mad at this guy for supporting this old racist dude but you're not mad at the old racist dude.

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