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Mainstream Acceptance and Country of OriGenreExample Bands
Late 70's, mid 90's USChrome, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry
Mid to Late 60's, USA and UKJimi Hendrix Experience, Beatles, Doors
90's, USAPantera, Exhorder, Machine Head
Late 60's BritainThe Who, Cream, The Animals
Late 80's USAThe Devil Wears Prada, Deadguy
Early to Late 10's Washington DCJimmy Eats World, My Chemical Romance, Paramore
70's, UKPink Floyd, Genesis, Yes
Mid 60's to present, USA and UKBilly Joel, Busted, Fleetwood Mac
Mid 80's to Present USAThe Crusaders,Skillet, ApologetiX
Late 80's, UKRide, Slowdive
Late 60's, USA Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Doors
Mid 90's - mid 10's SeattleFoo Fighters, Matchbox 20
Late 60's on, Britain and USLed Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses
Underground, USA and EuropeSaint Vitus, Pagan Altar
Mid 10's, UK, USA, Germany, FranceThe Dresdon Dolls
Mid 60's to Early 70's, USA and UKBeatles, Byrds, Dylan
50's US MidwestChuck Berry, Elvis Presley,
Late 90's through 2010's BritainRadiohead, Coldplay, The Verve
Mid 80's, UK, USA, JapanMotorhead, Anvil
Early 90's ChinaCui Jian, Black Panther
10's BritainThe Smiths, The Killers, The Hoosiers
Mid 70's USA and UKRamones, Clash, Madness, Sex Pistols
90's JapanGroup Sounds, Pyg, Glay
Late 80's ManchesterStone Roses, Happy Mondays
Underground, FloridaDeath, Morbid Angel
Late 80's Early 90's Canada, US and BritainTortoise, Don Caballero
Mainstream Acceptance and Country of OriGenreExample Bands
Early 60's, CaliforniaBeach Boys,Four Freshmen
90's and 10's, US UK and CanadaGreen Day, Offspring, Reel Big Fish
Late 80's, USMetallica, Anthraz, Slayer
Mid 90's SeattleNirvana, Pearl Jam
Mid 80's, LABangles,Mazzy Star
Early 70's UKBowie, T-Rex, New Yourk Dolls
70's and 80's, USAChicago, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac
Underground, Louisiana Acid Bath, Crowbar
Late 70's to mid 80'sWire, The Fall, Joy Division
60's, 70's and early 80's, Southern USLynyrd Skynyrd, Kings of Leon, The Band
Mid 80's, UK and EuropeThe Cramps, Meteors
Mid 80's BritainCocteau Twins, The Chameleons
Mid and Late 80's, UKSiouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure
Late 70's to Mid 80'sTaking Heads, Madness
Late 90'sRage Against the Machine, RHCP
Underground, EuropeHellhammer, Venom
UndergroundNapalm Death, Nasum
Early 90'sFaith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Late 90'sLimp Bizkit, Korn
Mid 70's, UK and USABeatles, The Knack, Blondie
80's, LAFlesh Eaters, 45 Grave
Underground, USA and JapanDon Caballero,This Town Needs Guns
Underground, UKSex Pistols, Crass, Conflict
Mid to Late 90's BritainOasis, Blur, Supergrass
Mid 2010's, USAEarth, Burning Witch
Underground USAHawkwind, Supergrass, Bowie
Mid 60's USAThe Trashmen, The Wailers

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