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Name one of the 3 superstar QBs drafted in 1983.-
The Oakland Raiders were originally the Oakland ________.Fan Voting
What heavily publicized player wrote a children's book in 2006?-
Monday Night Football first aired in what year?-
________, drafted in the 6th round of the 2000 draft, is now a future hall of famer.QB
________ was the first punter ever to be drafted in the first round.1973
________ was drafted by the Colorado Rockies to play baseball, even though he hadn't played since 8th grade, and is now an NFL superstar.QB
________ started and ended his football career with the same amount of rushing yards for the season.937-as a Cowboy in 1990 and as a Cardinal in 2004
Reggie Bush and ________ were on the same highschool football team.QB
Which NFL team is 'most valuable'?$1.5Billion
The first team to have cheerleaders was the ________.-
________ was the first African-American QB.Bears
The ________ have the record for most team fumbles in a season.1938; 56 fumbles
________ is a qualified yoga instructor.Running Back
Which QB has a law degree?Former 49ers QB
Name one of the 3 people who have appeared in a Super Bowl as a player, assistant coach, and head coach.-
________ played basketball in college, then transitioned to football, although he hadn't played since highschool.-
________ played baseball for the KC Royals straight out of highschool.QB
The team that has played the most Monday Night games is ________. -
________ was a frequent guest on the Emeril Live cooking show while playing football at LSURB

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