Starrcade 1983 Wrestlers

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Can you name the Wrestlers at the first Starrcade?

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1983Father of a famous referee
1983Better known as part of the Heenan Family
1983The 'Train
1983Recently turned up on Impact
1983The Taskmaster
1983The Purple Haze
1983Florida mainstay, former Brother in Law of Ric Flair
1983Had his own 'lock'
1983 His son hears voices
1983He's dirty
1983Part of a Native American wrestling family
1983Native American former professional footballer
1983He's Boogie Woogie, only masked
1983First wrestler to use 'mist'
1983The Hammer
1983Five star dragon
1983Another part of a Native American wrestling family
1983Former NWA Champion
1983The ass kissing brother of the former NWA Champion
1983The original King

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