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Original System - YearGameHint
MSX2 - 1987None
NES - 1990None
MSX2 - 1990None
PlayStation - 1998None
PlayStation 2 - 2001None
PlayStation 2 - 2004None
PlayStation 3 - 2008None
PlayStation 3 - 2008This was also originally included with MGS3
PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 - 2012None
Game Boy Color - 2000It is simply known as Metal Gear Solid in America
PlayStation Portable - 2006None
Mobile Phone/N-Gage - 2008None
iPod Touch/iPhone - 2009iOS version of MGS4
PlayStation Portable - 2010None
PlayStation - 1999Japanese expansion of MGS1
PlayStation - 1999American expansion of MGS1
Original System - YearGameHint
Xbox/PlayStation 2 - 2002Expanded version of MGS2
PlayStation 2 - 2005Expanded version of MGS3
PlayStation Portable - 2009Expanded version of Portable Ops
PlayStation/PlayStation 2 - 2008MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 compilation pack
PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 - 2011MGS2, MGS3, Peace Walker compilation pack
PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 - 2011All four MGS main series games plus Peace Walker limited edition compilation pack
Nintendo GameCube - 2004Enhanced remake of MGS1
Arcade - 2009Arcade version of Metal Gear Online
Nintendo 3DS - 2012Stereoscopic port of MGS3
PlayStation Portable - 2004None
PlayStation Portable - 2005None
Mobile Phone - 2008Mobile phone version of MGA
Mobile Phone - 2009Mobile phone version of MGA2
PlayStation 2 - 2002Interactive 'making-of' MGS2
PlayStation Portable - 2006Interactive graphic novel adaptation of MGS1
PlayStation 3 - 2008Complete encyclopedia on the Metal Gear universe

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