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Staff Lounge Game of the Summer
'God was in this place ________'
Hebrew for 'The New Land/Garden'
'You can take off your shirt like a _______'
The colours of the dorms
Dean of Jewish Living
Camp Location
Where the Prince of Persia works
'Just be ____'
Hebrew for Repairing the World
Camp Play First Session 2011
'This is Zack Barwin, ___________'
Song of the summer 2011
Former owner of the toaster
Best Couch in Staff Lounge
Second Session Maccabiah Theme 2011
Year of Founding
Camp Play Second Session 2011
Camp Director c. 2011?
High Energy, High ______
Table Setting After the Meal
New CIT work period
Hebrew for 'In this Place'
The Infirmary
Womens' Rights Activist
Letter-writing Day
First Session Maccabiah Theme 2011
50 donations of ________

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