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Song of the summer 2011
New CIT work period
Hebrew for 'The New Land/Garden'
'God was in this place ________'
Former owner of the toaster
Camp Director c. 2011?
First Session Maccabiah Theme 2011
'Just be ____'
Womens' Rights Activist
Hebrew for Repairing the World
Camp Location
High Energy, High ______
Dean of Jewish Living
Camp Play Second Session 2011
Year of Founding
'This is Zack Barwin, ___________'
Hebrew for 'In this Place'
Second Session Maccabiah Theme 2011
Table Setting After the Meal
The colours of the dorms
The Infirmary
'You can take off your shirt like a _______'
Where the Prince of Persia works
Best Couch in Staff Lounge
Staff Lounge Game of the Summer
Letter-writing Day
50 donations of ________
Camp Play First Session 2011

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