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Try and answer these hard questions!!!
What actor made his debut as one of Bonnie and Clyde's hostages in Bonnie and Clyde?
John Salmon Ford moved to Shelbyville, Tennessee to study what?
When was the Central Piedmont Community College founded?
When were the first Coca-Cola machines built in Brazil?
Bill Clinton's vice-president won an award from International Academy of Digital Arts and Science-related award in 2005. This award competition was founded in what year?
John Deere's hometown had what area code?
In Spongebob, Plankton's wife is named what...
The voice of Pearl in Spongebob, had a role in what 1994 movie?
What Tampa Bay Lightning player lived in a town that started with a P and is in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame?
10 divided by 2, divided by 3, times 9, minus 696, divided by 9, times 6, equals...

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