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February 10thThis event held it's 50th annual meeting.
February 19thDaron Malakian, guitarist of this band, said that the band would no longer make music together.
April 1stThis man officially left Velvet Revolver to reunite with Stone Temple Pilots.
April 27thThis female singer releases her 11th studio album entitled 'Hard Candy'.
May 21stHe won American Idol.
June 10thHe released his album 'Tha Carter III'.
July 18thThe Music Video for her song 'Girlfriend' became the most watched video on Youtube.
August 10thThis R&B musician, also known for voicework on TV's 'South Park' passed away.
August 27thThis band, known for their widely popular album 'Cracked Rear View' broke up.
September 2ndThis boy band releases their first album in 15 years.
September 15thThis Bad Company vocalist teamed up with Queen to release the album 'The Cosmos Rocks'.
September 19thThis Blink 182 drummer survived a plane crash.
September 23rdThis widely popular album by Kings Of Leon was released
October 22ndThis rock band began a series of special concerts, entitled 'Neverender'.
November 23rdThis band finally released their long anticipated new album 'Chinese Demcracy'.
December 2ndBritney Spears released her latest album, entitled this.

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