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Can you find the 6-letter words and close the loop?

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25 and 1. Posted again, hate
2. Encourage, cajole
3. Early refrigerator
4. Part of a train, goods van
5. What diamonds are made of
6. Hat
7. Lower
8. Relating to medicinal plants
9. Art form involving dance
10. Deadly
11. Paris metro station, Les...
12. Greek island, home of Sappho
13. US city where Cheers is set
14. Relating to Polynesian country
15. Male goose
16. Layer of skin
17. Lose, put in the wrong place
18. Non-expert, amateur
19. Demeanour, approach
20. To annoy someone is to get on their....
21. Type of Roman virgin
22. Form of animal fat
23. Making a noise like a cow
24. French painter, Jean-Auguste-Dominique...
1 and 25. Feel annoyed about going back to the start?

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