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MLB Pitcher known as 'The Big Train'
Former anchorman for The CBS Evening News.
7 time Knick All-Star and Just For Men spokesman.
Fictional meth cook portrayed by Bryan Cranston.
Author know for writing 'Leaves of Grass.'
Democratic Vice President of Jimmy Carter.
3 time Best Supp Actor. Best known for western roles.
Golden age of radio great.
Actor recognized for his role as the navigator of the USS Enterprise.
Scot who penned 'Ivanhoe' and 'Rob Roy.'
Former NFL record holder for the most career rushing yards in the NFL.
Lemmon's odd couple co-star.
Skoal spokesman with the biography titled 'Once a Cowboy.'
His 'Secret Life' was created by James Thurber.
Animator and theme park magnate.
M*A*S*H character known as 'Radar.'
Golfer ranking third for career major wins.
Known for his medical breakthrough with yellow fever.

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