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Can you name the answers to these numerical riddles?

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Days in a year - Hours in a day - Minutes in an hour
Days in a leap year - Years in a century + Items in a bakers dozen
Tablespoons in a cup + Teaspoons in a cup - Quarts in a gallon
Months in a Presidential term - Years in a Senatorial term + Number of days in January
Feet in a mile - Inches in a foot - Feet in a yard
Half hours in two days + Letters in the California Capital City - Justices on the Supreme Court
Teams in the NCAA Tournament - Teams in the NFL - Total number of players on an NFL Field during play
Weeks in a year + Countries in the World - Letters in the Florida Capital City
Toes on a foot + Drivers in a NASCAR race - Events in a decathlon
Wheels on a car - Wheels on a plane + Wheels on a boat
Days in June - Days in December + Days of Christmas
Number of US States + Number of Canadian Provinces - Number of Canadian Territories

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