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Year/Single NumberSingle TitleNotes
1997, 1st Indies singleN/A
1998, 1st singleN/A
1998, 2nd single2nd Generation's 1st single
1998, 3rd singleN/A
1999, 4th singleFukuda Asuka's last single
1999, 5th singleN/A
1999, 6th singleN/A
1999, 7th single3rd Generation's 1st single; Ishiguro Aya's last single
2000, 8th singleN/A
2000, 9th single4th Generation's 1st single; Ichii Sayaka's last single
2000, 10th singleN/A
2000, 11th singleNakazawa Yuuko's last single
2001, 12th singleN/A
2001, 13th single5th Generation's 1st single
2002, 14th singleN/A
2002, 15th singleGotou Maki's last single
2002, 16th singleN/A
2003, 17th singleCover of a famous children's song
2003, 18th singleYasuda Kei's last single
2003, 19th single6th Generation's 1st single
2003, 20th singleN/A
2004, 21st singleAbe Natsumi's last single
2004, 22nd singleN/A
Year/Single NumberSingle TitleNotes
2004, 23rd singleTsuji Nozomi & Kago Ai's last single
2004, 24th singleN/A
2005, 25th singleIida Kaori's last single
2005, 26th singleYaguchi Mari & Ishikawa Rika's last single
2005, 27th single7th Generation's 1st single
2005, 28th singleN/A
2006, 29th singleN/A
2006, 30th singleKonno Asami & Ogawa Makoto's last single
2006, 31st singleN/A
2007, 32nd single8th Generation (Mitsui Aika)'s 1st single
2007, 33rd singleYoshizawa Hitomi & Fujimoto Miki's last single
2007, 34th single8th Generation (Junjun & Linlin)'s 1st single
2007, 35th singleN/A
2008, 36th singleN/A
2008, 37th singleCover of a Pink Lady song
2009, 38th singleN/A
2009, 39th singleN/A
2009, 40th singleN/A
2009, 41st singleKusumi Koharu's last single
2010, 42nd singleN/A
2010, 43rd singleN/A
2010, special singleMuten Musume
2010, 44th singleKamei Eri, Junjun & Linlin's last single

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