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Morning Musume1st Original Album/1998
Morning Musume2nd Original Album/1999
Morning Musume3rd Original Album/2000
Morning Musume4th Original Album/2002
Morning Musume, Various1st Cover Album/2002
Morning Musume5th Original Album/2003
Morning Musume6th Original Album/2004
Morning Musume7th Original Album/2006
Morning Musume1st Mini Album/2006
Morning Musume8th Original Album/2007
Morning Musume2nd Cover Album/2008
Morning Musume9th Original Album/2009
Morning Musume10th Original Album/2010
Morning Musume11th Original Album/2010
Berryz Koubou1st Original Album/2004
Berryz Koubou2nd Original Album/2005
Berryz Koubou1st Mini Album (3rd Original Album)/2006
Berryz Koubou4th Original Album/2007
Berryz Koubou5th Original Album/2008
Berryz Koubou6th Original Album/2010
C-ute1st Original Album/2006
C-ute1st Mini Album (2nd Original Album)/2007
C-ute3rd Original Album/2008
C-ute4th Original Album/2009
C-ute5th Original Album/2010
Mano Erina1st Original Album/2009
Mano Erina2nd Original Album/2010
Buono!1st Original Album/2008
Buono!2nd Original Album/2009
Buono!3rd Original Album/2010
Ice CreaMusume1st Original Album/2009
Da Xiao Jie/Big Missy/Frances & Aiko1st Original Album/2009
Heike Michiyo1st Original Album/1998
Nakazawa Yuuko1st Original Album/1998
Nakazawa Yuuko2nd Original Album/2004
Abe Natsumi1st Original Album/2004
Abe Natsumi2nd Original Album/2006
Abe Natsumi1st Mini Album/2007
Iida Kaori1st Cover Album/2003
Iida Kaori2nd Cover Album/2003
Iida Kaori1st Original Album/2004
Iida Kaori2nd Original Album/2005
Gotou Maki1st Original Album/2003
Gotou Maki2nd Original Album/2004
Gotou Maki3rd Original Album/2005
Gotou Maki4th Original Album/2007
Viyuden1st Original Album/2005
Fujimoto Miki1st Original Album/2003
Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)1st Original Album/2007
Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)2nd Original Album/2007
Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)3rd Original Album/2008
Tanpopo1st Original Album/1999
Melon Kinenbi1st Original Album/2003
Melon Kinenbi2nd Original Album/2004
Melon Kinenbi1st Mini Album/2007
Ongaku Gatas1st Original Album/2008
Minimoni1st Original Album/2002
Minimoni2nd Original Album/2003
Matsuura Aya1st Original Album/2002
Matsuura Aya2nd Original Album/2003
Matsuura Aya3rd Original Album/2004
Matsuura Aya1st Self-Cover Album/2006
Matsuura Aya4th Original Abum/2007
Matsuura Aya5th Original Album/2009
W1st Cover Album/2004
W1st Original Album/2005
T&C BOMBER1st Original Album/1999
T&C BOMBER2nd Original Album/2000
GAM1st Original Album/2007
Ichii Sayaka with Nakazawa Yuuko1st Cover Album/2001
Nakazawa Yuuko, Various2nd Cover Album/2002
Nakazawa Yuuko, Various3rd Cover Album/2002
Nakazawa Yuuko, Various4th Cover Album/2003
Nakazawa Yuuko, Various5th Cover Album/2004
Hello! Project1st Cover Album/2009
Hello! Project1st Cover Album/2001
Hello! Project2nd Cover Album/2002
Hello! Project3rd Cover Album/2002
Hello! Project4th Cover Album/2002
Hello! Project5th Cover Album/2002
Hello! Project6th Cover Album/2003

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