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What year did Hello! Project form?Originally they were just known as Hello!, though.
What was the first Hello! Project unit?If you don't know this one, stop now.
What was the first Hello! Project song?It sold 70,260 copies.
Name the longest running Hello! Project unit not counting Morning Musume.This unit is now disbanded.
Who is the oldest Hello! Project member?This member participated in the Olympics as part of Japan's rhythmic gymnastics team.
Who is the youngest Hello! Project member?She is currently 10.
Who is the tallest Hello! Project member?She's about 180cm.
What is the most common surname?Three names are currently tied. Please choose one name.
What is the most common given name?5 members have had this name, but they have all used different kanji.
What is the least common image colour amongst the current members?Only two members currently have this image colour.
Name the youngest 1st generation Morning Musume member.She graduated in 1999.
How old was Hagiwara Mai when she passed the Hello! Project Kids audition?She's been in Hello! Project over half her life.
Which member used to be known for her ever-changing hairstyles?Sugaya Risako has since taken over this role.
Whose father is a professional golfer?Kimura Ayaka is married to a golfer.
Name a member who is left-handed.There have only been 3 left-handed members.
Who is Yajima Maimi's cousin?AKB48's Fujie Reina is the cousin of Natsuyaki Miyabi.
What is the name of Okai Chisato's sister, who used to be an Egg?Her birthday is May 14, 1996.
Which member was always in the largest shuffle group each year?However, in 2005 two of the shuffle groups had the same number of members.
What is the longest Hello! Project song?It's 6:35 long.
Who was the first Egg to be promoted?Linlin was an Egg for a while.
What is the best-selling Hello! Project release?It sold 2.2 million copies.
Which member studied abroad in New Zealand?She most likely studied at Otago University.
Who was the first foreign Hello! Project member?She released a bunch of music in her home country.
Who is the only Hello! Project member to have died?Hopefully nobody else will die for quite some time.
Which member had the nickname 'Evil Squirrel'?She released an indies solo single in 1996.
What is Frances' real name?Aiko's real name is Lan Ai Zi.
Name a 2nd gen Shugo Chara Egg! member.Saho Akari doesn't count.
What is the most covered Hello! Project song?13 different versions of this song exist.
Name a member of Sheki-Dol.One member's real name was Ryouke Ayumi.
Name a member of SI☆NA.SI☆NA officially went by their first names only. As such, please use only first names.

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