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Can you name the corretc answers which relate to the xbox version of minecraft?

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what mob may have been removed from it
how many mobs are on it as of the 1.8.2 update (not including the player or above answer)
what are mods gong to be released as
name 1 of the 3 things which can poison you
what does 6 iron, 1 pressure plate and a resdstone make
what mobs only spawn underground when playing legit
what is crafted from 8 wooden planks and a redstone
how many panes are made from 6 glass blocks
what is made from 6 wooden planks and 3 books
what percentage of chunks to slime spawn in
what is made from 4 iron ingots and a redstone
how much hunger points does a cooked chicken restore
how many iron bars are made from 6 iron ingots
how many blocks does a lava bucket smelt
what block does sugar cane grow the fastest on

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