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HintFour Letter Name/Word
Heisman Runner-up in 2010 (Last Name)
A moist sticky mixture, especially of mud and filth
Texas Football Coach (First Name)
*RB for Alabama in 2009 (First Name)*
Long time kicker for the Miami Dolphins (Last Name)
*QB for Houston in 1989 (Last Name)*
*QB for Florida St. in 1993 (Last Name)*
Physically toughened; rugged
*DE for Notre Dame in 1949 (Last Name)*
A place where goods are sold
*QB for USC in 2004 (First Name)*
Husband or wife; spouse
A tiny eight-legged invertebrate animal related to spiders and ticks
*RB for USC in 1965 & RB for Nebraska in 1983 (First Name)*
Small rodent (plural)
Small cubes, often used for gambling
*RB for Princeton in 1951 (First Name)*
A common water bird with webbed feet, short legs, and a broad flat beak.
Heisman Runner-up in 2011 (Last Name)

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