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In the day by day collision/called the art of growing up/there's an innocence we look for in the starsBlue October
I don’t wanna commit suicide/I just wanna commit a homicide/Oh yeah, that’s what I amMurderdolls
If all of the days have no more light/And all of our dreams are lost tonight/The stars cannot fall/And everything turns to greyWe Are The Fallen
They're gonna clean up your looks/With all the lies in the books/To make a citizen out of you/Because they sleep with a gun/And keep an eye on you, son/So they can watch all the thMy Chemical Romance
Ooh you make me live/Whatever this world can give to me It's you you're all I see/Ooo you make me live now honey/Ooo you make me liveQueen
Watch the snow compile/The ebb and flow of foot traffic/The powder crushed and compact in our grip/I'll throw some at you/And laugh when I missJarrod Gorbel
So you think you've been through it all/But I can't help but wonder now/Yesterday I found my worst regret/I'll hide it away so no one ever knows+44
And I know it hurts/But you're just getting older/And I know you'll win/You'll do it once againblink-182
Evanescent like the scent of decay I was fading from the race/When in despair, my darkest days ran amok and forged her face/From the fairest of handmaidens to a slick perverted wraCradle of Filth
They offered their hearts/and we tore them apart/They offered their blood/and we left them so parched /I don't know if I can give you anything you wantCoheed And Cambria
Hiding underneath/The veil of broken dreams/We find her weeping/On her once white wings/She will carry the weight of our deedsHIM
I'll take you to the dump/'Cause you're my queen/I'll take you uptown/I'll show you the sitesSex Bob-Omb/Beck
This distance won’t keep your words from screaming my name/This distance won’t keep your words from smothering me/If I could keep you out Eyes Set To Kill
My hands are searching for you/My arms are outstretched towards you/I feel you on my fingertips/My tongue dances behind my lips for youFlyleaf
Your voice the airwaves sent you prayed my life would end/The wasted time I spent ashamed I called you friend/Give me one reason, I need a reason, one reason Rise Against
Believe, you want this/Believe, I want this too/Why wont you tell me that/It's almost over?/Why must this/Tear my head/Inside out? Angels & Airwaves
Can't fight against the youth/right now/Them are rude rude people/Can't fight against the resistance/oh right now/Them are rude, rude people/We gonna rule this planet/among childreSublime
I'm wearin' fur pyjamas/I ride a hot Potata'/It's tickling my fancy/Speak up, I can't hear youTalking Heads
I get home at five o'clock/And I take myself out a nice, cold beer/Always seem to be wondering'/Why there's nothin' goin' down hereRush
After my picture fades/And darkness has turned to grey/Watching through windows/You're wondering if I'm OK Cyndi Lauper/Sugar Ray
The rain is falling on my window pane/But we are hiding in a safer place/Under covers stayin’ dry and warm/You give me feelings that I adoreColbie Caillat
I must admit now going down within this ship/I couldn't have a better crew to travel with/If I make it in one piece back to land/I will never sail again/NeverCirca Survive
I shut my eyes in search of sleep/Tossed and turned and hoped for dreams/Awakened by a voice that was so clear/It felt so near to meFamily Force 5
Christian's crying in the bathroom/And I just want to burn a cigarette/We've come so far,we've been so wasted/It's written all over our facesGreen Day
Excuse me stranger, what are you embracing?/The roots of the ground live in blood as we speak/I can sense the rhythm and it's time to panic The Devil Wears Prada
Every time I look at you I can't believe how magical you are/The stars belong to you my angel/Run away with me into a world where time seems to not exist/The smile on my face will Alesana

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