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Your dog is howling, and you feel a tremor. Do you a) run to the park or b) take cover under a table?
The weather report warns of severe flooding coming. Do you a) climb to the top floor of your house or b) run for the nearest hill?
You're playing golf, when lightning strikes. Do you a) kneel down or b) take cover in your buggy?
You're flying in an aircraft when the pilot announces that a forced landing will take place. Do you a) run to the back or b) run to the front?
You accidentally fall through some ice into the freezing water. Do you a) thrash about to stay warm or b) control your breathing?
A tornado warning has been issued. Do you a) run into the basement or b) climb into the fridge?
Your cruise ship is sinking. Do oyou a) get to the lifeboats or b) get to the bit that's still floating?
A shark is facing you. Do you a) stay still or b) punch him on the nose?
Ouch! You've just been stung by a jellyfish. Do you a) urinate on it or b) wash it with seawater?
Oh no, a fire! Do you a) run to the nearest window and call for help or b) crouch down and make your way out?

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