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Following lyricWhat comes before?Song (# of words missing)
... It's a suicide rapBorn To Run (4 words)
... When you were counting on your rosaryOnly the Good Die Young (5 words)
... My, how you have grownBrown-Eyed Girl (7 words)
... The tune she humsTiny Dancer (4 words)
... Some were born to sing the bluesDon't Stop Believin' (6 words)
... You can't forget your pastNo Woman, No Cry (4 words)
... Supposed to fire my imaginationSatisfaction (4 words)
... I used to feel so uninspiredNatural Woman (6 words)
... He says 'Why Am I short of attention?'You Can Call Me Al (6 words)
... Let me groove youLet's Get It On (5 words)
... I saw the photographA Day In The Life (6 words)
... And lots of hours | To spend with youWhat's New, Pussycat? (3 words)
... The subject | Of schoolgirl fantasyDon't Stand So Close To Me (2 words)
... But what I got I'll give to youCan't Buy Me Love (8 words)
.... So he's leaving the life he's come to knowMidnight Train To Georgia (7 words)
... All you gotta do is repeat after meABC (6 words)
... A man on my hipsSingle Ladies (6 words)
... Where does that highway lead to?Once In A Lifetime (4 words)
... I wanna take you thereLike A Prayer (5 words)
... If I misbehaveSexyback (5 words)
... And he's a thinking that he's gonna get luckyBefore He Cheats (7 words)
... I farm for my meals [also heard as 'I fight for my meals']Baba O'Riley (5 words)
... If the stores are all closedStairway To Heaven (6 words)
... If I'm not back this time tomorrowBohemian Rhapsody (6 words)
... Ooooh they're red white and blue, yeahFortunate Son (8 words)
... Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?One (4 words)
... Is hangin' on my backUptight (5 words)
... But the words won't come outLose Yourself (4 words)
... Everyone's a Captain Kirk99 Luft Balloons (3 words)
... I'll give you some adviceThe Gambler (6 words)
... And read each one out loudKilling Me Softly (6 words)

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