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Movie Being WatchedTitleCharacter Watching The Movie
StagecoachJack Lemmon
The GraduateZooey Deschanel
HalloweenJamie Kennedy
The OutlawLeonardo DiCaprio
Playful PlutoJoel McCrea
GildaMorgan Freeman
Angels With Filthy SoulsMacaulay Culkin
Pretty WomanMira Sorvino
Myrt and MargeGeorge Clooney
Snow White And The Seven DwarfsNone of the human cast
StabJada Pinkett Smith
Bad Boys IISimon Pegg
Habeas CorpusTim Robbins
Movie Being WatchedTitleCharacter Watching The Movie
The Quiet ManDebra Winger (voice)
Logjammin'Julianne Moore
VertigoBruce Willis
The Sorrow and The PityDiane Keaton
Touch of EvilJohn Travolta
An Affair To RememberTom Hanks
The ShiningNone of the main cast
AustinpussyMike Myers
Hello, Dolly!Ben Burtt (voice)
Nation's PrideBrad Pitt
Duck SoupWoody Allen
CasablancaBilly Crystal

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