Countries and Body Parts

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Can you name the countries that contain each of the letters (in any order) in these body parts?

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Body partCountryHint/criteria
ARMStay in Europe (4 answers out of 19 globally)
EYENo hint (2/2)
HIPJust not the D.R.C. (4/5)
LEG'Out of Africa' (4/9)
ANUSNot 'United...' (10/12)
BILEOne-word nations only (3/8)
NAPEOne-word nations only (2/7)
NOSEIsland nations only (4/9)
SOLENo hint (5/5)
VEINNo island nations (3/5)
AORTANo island nations (5/7)
BRAINOne-word nations only (2/10)
HEARTJust not the D.R.C. (4/5)
SINUSNo hint (2/2)
TIBIAIsland nations only (2/5)
WRISTNo hint (1/1)
TOENAILIn Africa, but *not* D.R.C.! (1/2)
STERNUMOn the Asian map (2/3)
PANCREASFine, use a long-named island nation! It's the only one. (1/1)
INTESTINEStay in Europe (1/2)

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