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The opening theme 'Woke Up This Morning' is a song by which band?
In what episode does Johnny Sack die?
What car does Kevin Finnerty drive?
How long was Johnny Sack sentenced to prison for after pleading guilty to 47 RICO predicates?
What does La Costra Nostra translate as?
What was the nickname of Lorraine Calluzzo?
What did Defiler change their name to after turning to alternative rock?
What does Pussy drink two shots of before he is executed?
What is the occupation of Tony's next door neighbour Bruce Cusamano?
How did Gigi Cestone die?
Other than Juniors lawyer Harold Melvoin and Livia, who suffered a stroke during the series?
Who kills Fat Dom in the back of the Bada Bing?
What car does Angie Bonpensiero buy after successfully taking over Pussy's body shop?
How much money does Artie ask Ralph to borrow for his business venture?
Who's card game does Jackie Aprille, Jr and associates attempt to rob?
Which team are the San Diego Padres scheduled to play in the tickets Vito presents to Finn?
What credit card company bans its transactions at Vesuvio's due to fraud?
What song was playing in Tony's car an entire weekend at Long Beach Island according to Carmela?
Which actress plays Jennifer Melfi?
What disease does Dick Barone die of?
Who played the role of Rusty Millio?
Who accompanies Christopher when meeting with Ben Kingsley?
In what state does Vito go into hiding?
Who faints at Allegra's wedding?
What is the name of Junior Sopranos cancer doctor who shares his name with a U.S President?
What was the name of the Russian that disappeared in the pine barrens?
Who beat Rocco 'Rocky' DiMeo in a fist fight and subsequently took his leather jacket?
Yale Shane performed failed stand-up routines at both the Bing and what other location?
Who holds Artie arm in a pot of boiling tomato sauce?
What DVD does A.J give Carmela for her birthday?
From where does Agent Dwight Harris say he picked up a parasite?
Who becomes a made-man at the same time as Christopher?
Where does A.J. get his first job?
Who killed Minn Matrone?
How long was Johnny Sack allowed out of prison in order to attend his daughters wedding?
Which military general's name does Paulie mis-pronounce much to the annoyance of Sil?
What is the name of Tony's lawyer who shares his name with a semi-aquatic, carnivorous mammal?
What is the name of the beach house Tony plans to buy?
What does Dr. Elliot Kupferberg call Junior?
In which Hotel is Tony when he suffers his series of nightmares in the episodes 'The Test Dream'
Who played the character Tony Blundetto?
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg compares Tony to a character from which cartoon series after their confrontation in a car park?
The painting given by Jack Massarone to Tony in Season 5 features Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and which other singer?
Other than Furio, which other DiMeo crime family member was born in Italy?
Which character is played by the same actor as Cypher from The Matrix and a U.S Marshal in The Fugitive?
What does Tony use to smash the windscreen on A.J's car whilst they are arguing in the garage?
Other than the pilot, what is the only other episode directed by Chase himself?
Who buys Tony a Big Mouth Billy Bass for christmas?
At who's father's farm does Christopher and Tony bury Ralph's body?
In the episode Amour Fou, which politican does Carmela say should be 'a role model to all of us'?

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