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What nationality was footballer Patrick Kluivert?
From what country does the beer Stella Artois originate?
Which car company first utilized the smart system in 1998? key
In what sport would you find a coxless pair?
Pemphigus is a disease that affects what?
Who produced the N-Gage phone?
Dera Ghazi Khan International Airport is located in which country?
Which actor plays himself in the 2005 film 10 Items or Less?
In what U.S state is the TV show Breaking Bad set?
Complete the title of this Lynne Truss book: Eats, Shoots & .......?
Velupillai Prabhakaran is the leader of which Sri Lankan Liberation group?
Which French island is north of Sardinia?
Gulf Air is the airline for which country?
Kilmainham Gaol Prison is in which country?
What is Dorothy Gale's dog called in The Wizard of Oz?
Bradley Manning is an ex-army soldier associated with which website?
What surname do the politician Neville and the basketball player Wilt share?
Who produces the engines used in the Boeing 717?
By what name was Mumbai formerly known?
Ghostface Killah is a member of which rap group?
Dale Steyn is associated with which sport?
Baltimore is in which US State?
Pathology is the study of what?
Campion Hall is a private hall for which university?
What is the unit of measurement for energy?
Island is a novel by which science-fiction writer?
Which British company formed in 1600, transported cotton, silk and opium from southern asia?
Which late twentieth century weapon shares its name with an olympic event?
Sexbox is a single by which Jackson family member?
What nationality is musician Neil Young?

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