30 General Knowledge Questions Part II

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Dizzy Reed was a pianist for what band?
Common Snipe is a type of what?
What is the national sport of Tonga?
Battle of Al Qaim took place during which war?
Castling, check and pawn structure relate to what game?
The Wanneroo wetlands lie on the coast of which Australian city?
Rhinestone Cowboy is a song by what country music singer?
Lake Mead is a reservoir formed what which dam?
What genre of music are the band Reagan Youth?
Who plays J.D. in the TV show Scrubs?
The Nikola Tesla Airport is in which country?
Who ordered the kidnapping of South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok in 1978?
What is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy called?
David Bowie portrayed which famous scientist in the movie The Prestige in which one of the main characters of the film gets him to develop a remarkable electro replicating device
What does the acronym PB&J stand for?
Alula Aba is an airport in which African country?
What river connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean?
In what U.S state is Stanford University in?
Master of Darkness was a video game for what console?
Gilbert is a sporting goods manufacturing company, specialising in balls for what sport?
Rick Santorum served as a senator representing which state?
Other than the USA, Russia and South Korea, which other country has produced its own version of the TV show Top Gear?
Reginald Jeeves is a fictional character created by which writer?
Samara is the sixth largest city in what country?
In aeronautical terms, what does 'U' stand for in UAV?
Which soul/disco group were originally called The Primettes?
Who plays Charlotte in the 2003 film Lost In Translation?
The Tabernas Desert is the only desert in which continent?
What does D stand for in the film industry term D Girl?
What type of sports game was SSX Blur?

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